I’m so excited to share with you guys something I’ve spent months working on!! I designed these presets with two types of people in mind:
1. Creatives/ business owners who rely on strong imagery and need content on daily basis but realize having a professional photographer around 24/7 isn’t realistic.
2. lovers of the ephemeral.

I can honestly say I use these presets every day - just as much while I’m away from home, editing from a plane, as when I snap
the cutest picture of my kiddo of all time and I gotta edit and post ASAP =) I’ve been getting asked since 2008 to edit friends’ Myspace photos,
so I think its time for a grander scale ;)

xo -r

Please note: these presets are for Lightroom Mobile, a free app. Instructions / read me, tips n tricks and a video tutorial come with each purchase. Initial download MUST be done from a computer, but after installation everything will be on your phone. Please watch the video tutorial and read the instructions before first use.

Single Presets are $12.50 and Bundles are $37.50 (4 presets, you get one free!)
click the button here or at the bottom of the page to make purchases but feel free to view preset info + befores and afters on this page!!


made for summer days when you wanna turn up the magic and warmth in your photos. enhances the blues, and just a little vanilla pop that will soften and brighten all at once. perfect for blue skies and sun-drenched days!
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My favorite, go to preset for when I want clean, bright edits with true-to-life skin tones with soft pops of color!! Inspired by my time in Palm Springs with the Whimsy Wonderland duo!
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this one is all about the mood! subtly pulls your brown tones and desaturates greens a bit. great for when lighting situations are a little trickier or lackluster and my normal go-to isn’t cutting it. i love using this in cloudy light and mixed light as well as not-so-ideal low light situations. LOVE IT for skin tones. in fact this preset came to be created at a time i was living in a dark but beautiful historic home and needed a go-to preset to work on all the boudoir i shot there.

scroll and swipe below for more befores and afters!


This bundle includes my 3 favorite Presets + Mono, my black and white preset, for free!

essentials quadrant.jpg