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behind-the-scenes in Spain


Hi, I’m Rachel


and i want to tell your story.

I'm a full-time wedding photographer from a small town outside of Nashville, who travels in cars and boats and planes to get to wherever love wants to take me. I love people who are in love with each other and can. not. hide it. I love people who are in love with life, who aren't afraid to belly laugh and ugly cry. Those messy, unplanned, beautiful moments are my poetry, where I find my magic. 

I’m a mama and I’m also in love with the sweetest guy on the planet, so you’ll probably hear me talk about my personal life quite a bit! I’m in charge of Luke - the SPUNKIEST seven- year -old you’ll ever meet and I’m currently pregnant with baby number 2 (due in November, 2019)!!  

I'm a huge fan of travel and the gift it gives you, and am ecstatic that I get to travel for work - which by the way, is a linguistic stretch, because I can't even consider my job "work" most of the time. If I don't pass out with my kiddo 8pm (listen, we snug hard ok?), late night reads and netflix are my jam. 

When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I'd like to know them.  - Annie Leibovitz

Brasspenny Photography is an international wedding photographer with a home base of Nashville, Tennessee.