Before I dive into everything, I want to be brutally honest for a second… Babies do not care one little bit about nursery decor. Lennon could arrive and be more than content without a room of her own at all for the first several years of life - this, I know. I acknowledge that taking this on was 1000% for me, not only did it give me joy and a creative outlet, I knew I would appreciate the outcome for a while to come (being a photographer, having a great little spot to take photos of your babies is priceless).

That being said, I really did have a blast designing this little room. I wanted it to feel peaceful (hah), have a clean, natural vibe, soft tones and colors. I also wanted (had to?) piece it together on a budget-ish — there are definitely things I splurged more on, but was really able to find a lot of it at great prices or on sale, using discount codes etc. Being able to do most of it from the comfort of my couch was also nice… hallelujah for online shopping. I did have quite a bit of trial and error - I do not claim to be an interior designer, so Derek can tell you - sometimes I didn’t know how I’d like something until he’d hung it up, only for me to realize I needed to send it back because now I knew exactly what I wanted.

Links will be at the very end, descriptions under photos as well as any helpful tips!

** This blog was for fun, and these links are for fun - I don’t profit from any of this. **


Buying a rug will ALWAYS feel like a splurge to me, because you already have a floor…why add a topping to the floor!? But the rug, as they say, really does tie the room together (name that movie). I bought this one from Rugs USA for less than $300. They always seems to have a good deal going on, but make sure to read the reviews of the rug you want to buy - the colors aren’t always exact matches to the photos, but usually the reviews will let you know whats up. I actually had found this rug on Pinterest via someone’s instagram, so I had a good idea of what it would look like once it arrived. I also forced myself to buy the PROPER size. I measured the room and it really needed an 8x10 to fill it properly so I didn’t skimp on that. I’m no rug connoisseur but it’s soft under my feet, thin but not too-thin, and stayed where we put it without using anything underneath.


The dresser is a Target find, but we upgraded it with natural wooden knobs we bought at Lowe’s. This is a super easy way to take a simple design up a notch. I wanted that mid-century-modernish kind of vibe so I found a less expensive dresser with totally straight edges (not totally MCM, but not bad). The “matching” dresser for our crib was extremely similar to our version with the upgraded knobs, around double the price of what we paid for this dresser (right around $200). Another tip: Target’s baby registry allows you 15% off your final registry items - so even though we knew we wouldn’t be gifted a dresser and some of the other more expensive baby items, we made sure to register for them so we could use the discount.

The mirror and changing basket were minor splurges - although I’ll say when it comes to the mirror, rattan is just expensive, no matter what. I found this mirror at Hunter & Nomad, an online Australian shop. Make sure you pay attention to dollar conversions yall - its listed on their shop as $150 AUD - which converts to $103 USD. I bought the xl Peacock mirror which is 23in wide (the perfect size for our wall)… these are handmade in Australia, and for the sake of comparison, Overstock’s 31 inch version that in my opinion looks cheaply made, is $150.

The basket was $69 USD from Olli Ella, another Australian shop. We didn’t buy a changing table, and after seeing that changing table toppers (wooden toppers to convert the top of a dresser into a changing area) were around $70 and actual changing pads like the Keekaroo were around $100, I opted for this wicker basket because I thought it went with the vibe of the room better and really, cost less than many alternatives other than just a plain changing pad.

The Wooden Rainbow Stacker came from Homi Baby, Wooden Camera is an Etsy find.
The rest of the shelves and trinkets were all great deals from Amazon, Target, Hobby Lobby, and Home Goods.


The crib is the Lolly line from Babyletto. It was around what I expected to pay for a crib ($399 at Target, Pottery Barn, and on Babyletto’s website). One tip - always check to see which retailer will give you the least fees. PBK had the most fees for the item (taxes and the shipping was greater); Target was second. We ended up NOT paying taxes on it because we purchased straight from Babyletto’s website and there’s not a Babyletto in Tennessee, so we saved money there, and it was only $15 to ship it. NOT BAD.

The wall art was all custom Etsy downloadable prints that I printed on my own. FornStudio makes beautiful minimal rainbow prints in muted earth colors, and The Middle Village does custom quotes. “In the sky with diamonds” is from the Beatles tune and I just thought it sounded pretty and whimsical.


Faux grass - Pier One clearance; Wall Art - Etsy downloadable prints; accordion rack - Amazon. Floor Baskets - Target. Hanging basket - Hobby Lobby. Pillows - Target. Crib Blanket - Pottery Barn Kids


The splurge in this photo is, I would def say, the light fixture - although I was able to snag it at a discount. I had my eye on several different wooden beaded flush-mount lights for MONTHS and they RARELY went on sale. I didn’t want a full chandelier and was open to a few options and found several styles from World Market, Pottery Barn Kids/ Teen, and Anthropologie that I liked (including fringe and capiz fixtures). I waited forever and finally caught it on sale from Pottery Barn Teen. It’s normally $299 and I paid $149.

Another huge tip: If you don’t use Honey, you are MISSING. OUT. It’s a widget you install on your computer’s internet browser and when you go to checkout online, it automatically runs ANY discount codes it picks up online. I initially had seen the fixture was on sale for $199, but Honey pulled a discount code that knocked that price down an extra 25% and gave me free shipping.

I paid LESS than I expected for the rocker (its a rocker/ glider / swivel situation). Lots of armchairs I came across online were around the $500/650 mark, and after seeing a similar chair from Walmart in a friend’s nursery, I decided to check out their options. This one was $399. I also thought the rolly cart was a steal - it’s metal and I think it was less than $40. I originally intended it for diaper / changing table storage but later decided to use it as a little bookshelf (stolen idea from my girl Elizabeth!).


Curtains / Rods - Target; Wooden holder - Hobby Lobby; Frame and Crescent Moon - World Market; Throw Blanket and Ottoman - Target; Lamp and Table - Wayfair and Overstock, respectively

Rachel Tenpenny