I grew up in the era of Britney and Christina, where the lowest-of-low-rise jeans were the number one accessory. But for me, I always found myself gravitating towards vintage icons - Marilyn Monroe was my lock screen, Brigitte Bardot was my home screen ya feel me?! I saw myself more in their curves, and their fashion choices helped me figure out my own daily what-to-wear issues. I loved googling vintage pinup - so beautiful and classic and fun - and spent time truly regretting I wasn’t alive and thriving in the 1950’s and 60’s. (lol to that for other reasons).

I like to think a lot of that style - pinup, that is - comes through in my current work, in small ways - the softness, the femininity, the delicate bringing together of points and curves.

So when I talked with Savannah about her vision for her shoot, and she mentioned involving pinup - I 1000% leapt onto that opportunity because it just doesn’t come around every day. Savannah effortlessly encompasses that classic pinup vibe - any girl who rocks a red lip on a daily basis is a girl after my own heart, and I’ve seen her pull off styles of dress where I just KNEW….boyyyyy would this be good!

True pinup is a little bit of a lost art - the way it was not only photographed, but also hand-colored (yep, images had been hand-colored since the 1800s, but adding hand-coloring to color film in the early 1900’s gave it novelty and it doesn’t really get recreated anymore). So while I knew I couldn’t recreate it in that aspect, I knew that with the right poses, outfits, and location we could achieve a modern pinup look instead.

Here are just a few from Savannah’s shoot.

We shot in my studio - a clean, bright space with soft feminine vintage touches.
Bodysuit from Nashville Darlin

Rachel Tenpenny