once in awhile you get a chance to work and play with other creatives and when you have that opportunity, GRAB IT BY THE UNICORN HORN AND MAKE THE MOST MAGIC YOU CAN. as a photographer i want to deliver beautiful and consistent work, but as an artist (which i still feel weird saying because i really don't consider myself an artist), i want to explore and try new things. 

I've known Cortney and Tyler for several years before their move to cali so it felt right to see if they'd be in the mood to hang out, eat some food, and take some photos. (they were). 

Cortney is 1/2 of blogger duo A Whimsy Wonderland and Tyler spits some pretty dope beats (is that how the cool kids say it these days?! no?! just trust me) so I knew working with the two of them together was bound to be incredible. I wanted to keep it funky for most of the day and see what kind of work i could do with some harsh midday light and I'm actually pretty obsessed with the results. check it out, and I'm linking Cort and Ty below so you can see a little more of what they're all about :) 

And one more thing. If this is what like, 6 years of marriage looks like, then somebody needs to sign me up. These two are like teenagers and its absolutely adorable.

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CAPITAL - Tyler Moore

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