Ever since I randomly attended the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM, on the best 48 hr trip of my life with the renowned Megan Crowell,  I have wanted to shoot a couples session there -- so when I had the opportunity to come back and work with Julia and Stephen in October, I was so, so so soo excited!! And it was a BLAST. Anyone who has ever worked / shot in a fair / festival atmosphere knows its insane, but waking up at 4am, freezing + drinking ALL the coffee, watching the earliest light come over the Sandia mountains while the hot air balloons get going -- SO thrilling and one of the most beautiful festivals you could ever attend, should you ever get the chance!! 

We weren't able to snag a balloon ride that day, so we just kinda frolicked between them all ;) 
Here are a few favorites.