2015 Favorites

this year has been such a ride; my life has changed in every possible. i moved into my own home with my kiddo, i started doing product photography full time for an amazing company, and had some needed changes happen in my personal life. and when it comes to my personal work, i changed gear, changed work flow, changed the way i shoot, the way i edit... everything changed. so this blog is a collection of some of my favorite images from the year from my creative sessions + weddings. i learned during this process that i am way too emotionally attached to images and found myself discarding some that i truly do love that were more detail oriented, or "blog worthy," for ones that meant more to me for the happiness that going on in the moment.

i want to start with an image of me and my little one at disney world this year. i dont share a lot of my personal life on social media but this boy is the reason behind everything i do.

2015 was challenging, but amazing and i can't wait for what 2016 brings.

happy new year guys

Megan Austin