I haven’t blogged since December. That’s right: You’re looking at the worst photographer blogger in the whole world. After my sweet friend kicked my butt about that yesterday, I decided that this week I would be catching up by blogging some of the amazing sessions and weddings that I’ve shot this year. I wanted to start with this one because of how special it was to me! I’ve gotten to travel a lot this year and this is from my trip to Portland, Oregon. I share mutual friends with Tina and Jacob (who are actually from Tennessee and moved to Portland a little while back), so I contacted them a few weeks before I was going to be in town and set up a date for a session. It was my first time in the PNW, and let me tell you: it does NOT disappoint. If I could pick a spot to just pick up and move to in the US, this would be it. I was only there 3 days, but I actually MISS it. (photogs paradise guys).
Tina and Jacob took me to Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City. Tina had told me up front we didn’t really need to start shooting until 8:30 or 9pm (we started at 9, btw) and it blew my mind that the sun set that late. We left Portland around 6:30 (it was a 2 hour drive to the coast)
and, true to Portland form, it was POURING rain. But two hours and countless mountain roads later, sure enough, we wound up at this beautiful location with a lovely cloudy sunset and rain that held off until we finished. (The last images in this blog were shot around 10:30pm btw, INSANITY).
Tina and Jacob – thank you two for being some of THE most lovely people I could meet and share a 4 hour car ride + dinner on the coast, soaking wet with. Unforgettable, truly.

Megan Austin