It’s the beginning of August, but here in Tennessee summer sticks around… for awhile. You start seeing ads for PSLs, scarves, and halloween and as much as I wanna flip the switch, we don’t see the leaves turn until usually mid-October and that’s around the same time the weather starts to dip a little and the humidity isn’t so unbearable.

So I thought I’d share some of my favorite snaps from our recent Kortni Jeane shoot + fav tips and treats to cool off to get ya through those last few weeks of summer or late vacas!


Speaking of kiddos…

Anybody else get those bittersweet feelings when school is about to start? Like the sudden urge to spend as much extra time making-it-count with your babies as possible (but also please God, let school start!)?

I’ve been trying to really make the afternoons with Luke count (even though he’s already started back to school). We’ve been doing lots of arts n crafts (even got a super cool DIY box in the mail I can’t wait to share later with yall!) and found a few yummy kid-friendly popsicles we made (because lets be real - a store-bought popsicle lasts 2 minutes, but if you can make’em and share’em together, its a whole experience).

I do NOT pretend to be a wizard in the kitchen so here are a few of my fav Luke-Approved pops (links locally sourced on Pinterest):

Rainbow Cup Popsicles

Yogurt Popsicles

Juicy Grape Pops - literally the easiest thing

Watermelon Pops - ok maybe this my pick because all I’m craving is watermelon ;)



One of my favorite things to do at the end of summer is stock up on swimsuits for next year. A lot of your fav retailers and boutiques run end of summer sales and you can find some really high-end suits for a steal. Make sure you’re following your fav boutiques’ socials. because you’ll see a lot of deals first this way (plus, so many cute photo ideas for your babies!).

I kinda have a thing for Kortni Jeane’s swimwear + the message they embrace. Their swimsuits feel SO good, you can tell the quality and passion they pour into their work. They are constantly coming up with new designs and patterns! This set pictured is almost sold out online (and once its gone its gone - you’ll get on Poshmark and see people trying to find used sets all the time for designs they love that sold out), but they have a newer design out now thats also super adorable.

Oh - and they have the cutest options for the littlest kiddos + expecting mamas. Yup. Covered all the basics.


Cocktail FOMO

When I found out in March that I was expecting, we were so freakin excited and happy…. but I won’t lie, after a long cold winter, I had been looking forward to a summer of patio margs, brunch with girlfriends, and mimosas. By the time baby arrives we’ll be working our way into winter again and even though I have MAJOR FOMO about all of it, I tried to compensate by making some tasty concoctions at home.

Here’s the thing, I don’t like “mocktails.” Like, I don’t really want to taste a drink that tastes like it’s just missing the alcohol portion… too sweet, heavy on bottled juices etc. I'd rather just call it a spritzer, or make fresh-fruit based drinks that are just really GOOD and pretty good for you, too.

So here are some of the ones I found that I had to save to keep, because next summer I will probably try them again with some extra an ingredients - but for now they are super delicious on their own!

La Croix Fizzies - c’mon. We all love La Croix and tbh its my favorite mixer - these mocktails take it up a notch and have some extra fun sorbet float options too. SUPER easy.

Lemon Blackberry Seltzer

Jalapeno Watermelon Agua Fresca - got my watermelon fix with a kick

Cherry Limeade Slush - copycat of the sonic favorite

there you have it! let me know which you try out and whats your fav!!! and then come party with me in late november and let’s pretend like its summer still, okay?! okay :)

Rachel Tenpenny