beach boudoir in spain - behind the scenes

Hey! I'm Rachel. 

I'm a full-time wedding photographer from a small town outside of Nashville, who travels in cars and boats and planes to get to wherever love wants to take me. I love people who are in love with each other. I love people who are in love with life, who aren't afraid to belly laugh and ugly cry. Those messy, unplanned, beautiful moments are my poetry, and where I find my magic. 

I love food. I wish I could say it was just one kind of food but tacos, BBQ, thai and sushi all have my heart. Wine also counts as food, yes? Cause I love that a lot, too. I'm a huge fan of New Girl and am always on the lookout for a new netflix show to marathon even though i barely have the time these days - I have the SPUNKIEST four year old on the planet and i promise if you ever meet him he'll make you fall in love. we have kissing parties and snuggle-thons and he uses words like "phenomenal" and he basically has made me the person and photographer I am today. 

I'm a huge fan of travel and the gift it gives you, and am ecstatic that I get to travel for work - which by the way, is a linguistic stretch, because I can't even consider my job "work" most of the time. And if I don't pass out with my four year old at 8pm, late night reads are my jam. I'm bad at words, and I'd rather let me photos speak for me -- so follow my personal instragram @RACHELTENPENNY if you'd like to get to know me better! (warning, its mostly food and my child.)

When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I'd like to know them.  - Annie Leibovitz